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Adding a new report to the menubar (detail, summary...)

Question asked by AustinBayley on Jan 26, 2017
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I am looking to add a new report to the menubar on our installation of the CA Service Desk Manager. I have managed to create the report as a .htmpl document using Web Screen Painter with spaces left for variables which will be gathered from the database. What I now want to do is to add this report to the menubar so that the user can go to the appropriate CI and then select Reports>Letter... from the menubar and it will populate the appropriate fields with the data from the CI.


I have had a look at the Menu Designer but have had no luck with finding what I should write in the "function" field to actually load the document with the required info. I have also looked through support documents but haven't found a solution yet. I was hoping that someone here may have had a similar issue and may have found a solution.


This would be the ideal solution but if it is not possible then would there be any way to link a report from the BI Launch Pad (I believe BOXI) to do the same sort of thing?


I would very much appreciate any advice or documents that you may have that might help me out. Thanks in advance.