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CA PPM and MS Project

Question asked by Jamie-A. on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by Janet Ulrich

Looking for some guidance on using MS Project 2016 as a schedulng interface for PPM. I've looked at the Microsoft site to see the differences between MS Project Standard and Pro but that didn't really help too much in deciding which version we need to have installed. In the past, the project managers needed the professional version in order to connect to project server and for managing enterprise resources. My question is this, since we in essence replacing project server with PPM, does that still require the professional version? I was thinking that for the server connection the answer would be no because this was handled by the Schedule Connect software that comes with the MSP interface download but I wasn't sure if there was other functionality that would require us to keep using the professional version. Trying to save the company some $ if we can get away with not having the Pro version on all machines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.