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IBM MQ Integration OpenOptions

Question asked by JJZoutendijk on Jan 27, 2017

Hi all,


We are tyring to get some specific integrations going with IBM MQ, defaut functionality is working but we are trying to set some specific options. FYI i am not an expert on IBM MQ so this text might contain some errors/ lack of clarity please let me know if that's the case.


This is a list of functions we are trying to het working:

  • Provide any of the openOptions when opening the queue;
  • Provide any of the GetMessageOptions when reading from the queue; e.g. MQGMO_LOGICAL_ORDER + MQGMO_ALL_SEGMENTS_AVAILABLE + MQGMO_COMPLETE_MSG
  • Provide any of the PutMessageOptions when putting messages on the queue; e.g. MQPMO_LOGICAL_ORDER
  • Provide any of the MessageFlags when putting messages on the queue. e.g. MQMF_SEGMENTATION_ALLOWED


Use case example 1: Reading message from a queue - When reading messages from a queue the following options are used: MQOO_BIND_NOT_FIXED (when connecting to a queue via the queue manager the queue is 'refreshed' newly connected every time) + MQOO_INPUT_SHARED (a non-exlusive read lock on a specific queue) + MQOO_FAIL_IF_QUIESCING (the option action should fail if the queue is in quiescing state) + MQOO_INQUIRE (to read the queue attributes) + MQOO_SAVE_ALL_CONTEXT (the mq context is saved in the queue handle)


Use case example 2: Write a message to the queue - When writing a message to the queue the following options are used: 



In the attacment a screenshot of how we would solve a similar case in datapower.


thanks for any help,


Jan Jaap