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Dirscan file age monitoring

Question asked by ken.howell on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by Mark Leach

I need to monitor the date modified of a file in a specific directory so that we are alarmed if it is not written to in more than 30 minutes (based on date modified). There are multiple files that end in .log in the directory that are created once a day at midnight. The one I need to monitor looks like this: 20170127.log.  When I set up the scan directory I specified the path and in the pattern I used %Y%m%d.log.  When I go to the Age of file tab I have the "Watch age of newest file" button pushed. Now when I click on the "Fetch current values" button to see if it is picking up the correct file I get a crazy number like 24759066 minutes. Has anyone successfully used the Dirscan probe in the\is way?  The documentation on the website appears to say that this is possible but I don't think it's working.