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SDM 14.1.02 issue opening Office repository files after upgrading to Office 365

Question asked by tzadell on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2017 by tzadell

Hi everyone,

Our company is rolling out Office365 for Word, Excel, etc (not mail).  I recently upgraded just a few weeks ago, and am seeing an intermittent issue when opening Word and Excel file ticket and knowledge attachments.  Someone else on my team previously reported the same issue, but it was only her at the time, so I hadn't done much troubleshooting.  But now I am getting a bit worried.

Intermittently, when opening Office files, we are getting the errors in the below screen prints.  Intermittently means that it starts happening and happens every time for at least a few hours, then suddenly stops happening.  I have however, seen when it happens when on one secondary server, but not the other.  Right now as I type, I am getting the errors on both secondary servers.  If I try again later today, the problem most likely won't be occurring anymore.  Sometimes rebooting the PC seems to resolve it, but other times it does not. 

I have not yet been able to determine if when it starts happening for me, it is also happening to the other person on my team.  I also know there are others on my team who have also upgraded to Office 365 that have not reported any problems opening attachments at all, and when I am seeing these errors they are able to open the exact same attachments fine.

I'm hesitant to see this as just an Office 365 issue rather than an SDM issue though, because when it happens, I am able to open both of these files just fine from where they were originally uploaded to the repository from, but cannot open them from the ticket or knowledge entries they are attached to.  And sometimes it is only happening on one secondary server, but not the other.

I have also ruled out the possibility that it is only happening on files that I have revised and uploaded since upgrading to Office365.  It is also happening to files that were revised by older versions of Office as well.

Has anyone else seen this, or does anyone have any idea what might be causing it or how to resolve it?

Thanks,  Tammy