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Looking for insight on the use of Applications, Incidents, & Ideas

Question asked by ABT_Project_Support on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by jfechenbach

Hello all - 


Our company just passed our 1-year mark of using CA PPM in December 2016, and we're looking to expand our knowledge of the Applications, Incidents, & Ideas features of CA PPM. Right now, the "Project" object is all we're using to track work/time and we're finding that our agenda is extremely bloated with small projects (8-16 hours for miscellaneous work). In prior discussions with CA during onsite visits, they recommended a "proof-of-concept" be done about seeing how Applications, Incidents, and Ideas could be use as a better framework to capture and track our work.


We primarily serve as the IT counterpart for our company - providing software development, systems support, and technical solutions. Because of this, we are responsible for tracking 100% of our daily time (opex and capex alike). What we're really looking for is a more appropriate structure to use for the small stuff rather than a full-blown project, which is very heavy. It is important that whatever structure we use be able to be extracted via a process/API out of CA PPM for our external financial system. 


Do any of you have any experience with these features and would like to offer some honest feedback? We're located in Northwest Arkansas, and could be interested in a few one-on-one visits in our region (Kansas City, Dallas, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Little Rock) depending on experience. We're running 14.4 On Premise with SQL Server, and will be looking into 15.2 once available.



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