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How to install Nimsoft Robot as silent and set some options?

Question asked by RomanM on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by RomanM
I have a little question(s) about installing CA UIM robot to our servers/workstations via group policy.  
The first thing is:
The  Robot 7.62 (Nimsoft 8.0) had command line options, like /verysilent
After upgrading to 8.47 I tried to find ANY command line options but unfortunately i did not succeed.

So, i need to install Robot 7.80 as verysilent AND 
The second thing:
When robot 7.62 was installed the default IP address of the client was;
after ANY network issue the robot was disconnected from CA UIM server and we got an error
from hub AND client's IP was changed to;
The remedy for this situation was to put the string robotip=10.0.0.x to the robot's config file
(or to edit controller probe config) 
So, i want to install the robot by something like this:
NumBus Robot.exe /verysilent /normalinstallation /hubip= /robotip=getlocalip /norestart 

Do I have any way to achieve the  goal?  Thanks!