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What are these log entries from «Whirlycache Tuner»

Question asked by stephan.burkard on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Charles_Lilienkamp



We have installed a gateway version 9.2, the SSG log-level is set to Warning.


Although there is no traffic yet, we have a lot of log entries in the ssg-log. There are of course lots of messags during start and stop (Hibernate, Spring etc).

What is more distracting are log entries from a «Whirlycache Tuner» when the gateway is just running and has no traffic. It writes all one to five seconds a Warning into the log that looks like this


[Timestamp] WARNING 213 STDERR: [Whirlycache Tuner ( [various names] )] INFO com.whirlycott.cache.[Various classes from this package] - Size: 0; Questions: 2; Hits: 0; Adaptive r/w ratio: 0%; Total hitrate: 0%



  • What is this?
  • Is this really a Warning? (becuase it seems to be INFO level from Whirlycache)
    • if yes: What is wrong with the gateway?
    • If no: Can I demote this to INFO? This is just noise that hides real Warnings
  • General question about ssg-log: Can I promote a log event from a lower level to Warning? To get events that are not important but interesting to see when it happens