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Why is Nimsoft using ports 50000 ?

Question asked by melaniezamora on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Phani Devulapalli

Ports used by Nimsoft.


I am trying to understand why Nimsoft is using ports in the 55,000+ range, when the documentation states the following. Can someone help me understand why its using these ports instead of ports in the 48,000 range? We are running security scans and Nimsoft is coming up as a huge vulnerability.

  • Robots -> hub: 48001(hub is spooler on hub robot) +48002, distsrv port (since distsrv is non-fixed port, so the recommendation to allow broader range) for probe license checking
  • Hub -> Robot: 48000+ or whatever set in first_probe_port
  • Hub ->AD/LDAP server: 389/686 or any customer AD port if so set
  • NMS clients accessing NMS server to download Nimsoft client software e.g robot/infrastructure etc. :  NMS server on 8008/tcp
  • Hub ->Hub: 48002, 48003(if tunneled)
  • NMS -> Database server port (1433, 3306, 1521)
  • UMP ->Database server port (1433, 3306, 1521)
  • IM Client ->Hub(s)/robots with no tunnel:  all probe ports on all robots to successfully manage
  • IM Client -> Hubs(s)/robots with tunnel: 48000+ ports to logged in hub then connection to remote hubs/robots will go through tunnels
  • Web clients/browsers ->UMP:  80,443 or any custom port set in wasp