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RHEL 7 rpm update

Question asked by DimensionData(DEPos on Feb 1, 2017
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I recieved a question from our Unix sys-admins, regarding the last RHEL robot-rpm version used, namely 7.80.

We are currently using Red Hat Satellite to provision and patch.

Recently a custom tooling repo has been added, containing amongst others, the nimsoft 7.80 robot rpm.


We would like to upgrade agent using rpm
Target version is nimsoft-robot-7.80-1.x86_64
Source is nimsoft-robot-5.52-1.x86_64


Upgrade using rpm –Uvh breaks the previous installation.
File /opt/nimsoft/robot/robot.cfg gets overwritten by new version hence all config is lost and robot does not start.
To fix robot, we must
-    Stop controller
-    copy /opt/nimsoft/robot/robot.cfg.rpmsave from the previous version to /opt/nimsoft/robot/robot.cfg
-    run /opt/nimsoft/install/
-    start agent


However, all probes configuration are lost.

Does anybody have an idea how to resolve this issue ?

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