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Upgrade CA PPM 13.2 SP9 to 14.3

Question asked by RnFernandez on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by RnFernandez
Hello everyone,

We are migrating to 14.3 and without an apparent error the installer freezes in the next step:

===================================================================== ============
Running the Ant script: E: \ APPS \ CAPPM132 \ CAPPM132 \ upgrade \ 14.1.0 \ infrastructure \ po
Stupgrade \ pma.xml
NSQL Validation
Validation of 219 queries NSQL grid / graph ...

Next, we modify the NSQLs with error and upgrade with the option FORCE (force install.bat) and also it freeze in the same step

We readed that the FORCE option is disable, but what concerns us is that,  the first run, the installer does not continue and not we giving us an accurate error or warning.

attach install.log

thks in advance.