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Copy action lists status reports for all projects - is that a bug?

Question asked by urmas on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Monica_Rampradeep_Raj

If you are using Status Reports and go to Status Report List in a project and open a status report you see the list of existing status reports for that particular project you have open. When you open one you get the Actions menu and have one action - Copy - available regardless how many you have defined for the Status Report object (by default it comes with three).

When you click Copy you get a list of all status reports in the system for all the project and not just like the list you started for the current project only and no way of setting a default filter for the current project only.


Don't tell me that it is as designed to provide the PM the freedom of choice to choose a totally unrelated source report and not a BUG.


Can you set a default filter for the current project or can you get the actions menu to the Status Report view a subpage of project properties?