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Actual Hours by Goal in Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Will_Lloyd

Hi all. I'm still struggling with Ad-Hoc reporting. I'm trying to learn.


Goal - Question - Metric


Goal: Ensure we're spending our resource $$ (Labor Actual Hours, Labor Actual Cost) on highly aligned activities (Investment Goal).

Question: For Date Range X, what is the Time & Cost spend by Investment Goal?


 - Historic Time by Goal: Labor Actual Hours by Goal, filtered for Date Range.

 - Historic Cost by Goal: Labor Actual Cost by Goal, filtered for Date Range.

 - Forecast Time by Goal: Allocation Hours by Goal, filtered for Date Range.

 - Forecast Cost by Goal: Allocation Cost by Goal, filtered for Date Range.


Jumping into Ad-Hoc to try to prototype the Historic Time by Goal report above, I create the following collection of data from the Investment Domain (Goal is not available in the Resource Domain). Filtering for our last full fiscal year:

Switching it to a Chart:

 I'm comfortable with the technical mechanics of the Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc.

    - Conceptually, am I lost? If so, how do I get found? Most training I've seen is mechanics of tool based. Do I need something more "Domains and how to use 'em"?

    - Given the requirement above, what am I doing wrong? I notice everything appears to be "line itemed" in the table view. This is not how Webi works. Do I need to create a calculated field where I somehow perform a select distinct to roll this together by Goal?