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Logout Button Not Visible in CABI Jaspersoft

Question asked by Balram.Deswal on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Balram.Deswal

Hi Team,


I have created a ServiceDesk user in CABI Jaspersoft r6.2.0 and assigned all the out of box roles to that user. Whenever I log in with this user, logout button is not visible for this user. Although session expires after sometime automatically, but it causes issue if I need to sign in again before the session is expired. When I open http://hostname:port/jasperserver-pro, it opens the home page of ServiceDesk user (if session is not expired). I need to open http://hostname:port/jasperserver-pro/login.html to login with another user, if the session is not expired.


Logout button is visible when I log in with superuser.


Kindly suggest.


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