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Can I nest locations (Location OBS) under a parent?

Question asked by ahumphreys on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by ahumphreys

       In our projects and ideas we have a location field that uses the location OBS.  When in a project and we click browse to populate this field we see all of the children (locations) without having to expand a parent field (see screenshot below).  I'd expect (and we want) this to show up as a parent (SHS) that has to be expanded to show the 5 locations rather than seeing the parent and children all together.



       I've looked at our 3 different OBS's (location and 2 department) and they all look the same, so I'm not sure why location is displaying differently when I browse the location field within a project/idea (the department OBS have the children nested under the parent).


Is there a way to nest the locations under a parent? If so how would I do that?