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Has anyone ever used SV and IBM WSRR?

Question asked by munad01 Employee on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by joewilliams
I am in a customer (Santander Bank), in Brazil, which has just acquired SV and TDM.  They created a service hub using IBM WSRR (Websphere Service Registry and Repository).   In this service hub they have services created either using WSDL or REST.  They mentioned that lots of times the developers only create the shell of the services in WSRR and the implementation will take a lot longer to finish. So, they will use SV to virtualize the responses from those services.  However, they would like to create something a little bit automated. Let me explain what they are looking for: every time they insert a new service in their service catalogue, they want a trigger to retrieve information from the newly created service and create a virtualized service based on the retrieved information.  I know that is has nothing to do with using SV, but they wanted to know if we have any integration with IBM WSRR that allows us to query its catalogue or if we know of any customer that had a similar wish and had it solved - if so, if we are able to help them address it.