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Unable to login into CSA (NSA before), CSA prompting for user name & password .

Question asked by Supriya.Chakraborty1 on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by Aurora_Gaimon

Hello Folks,


We are in clarity 14.3 .For past few days we are unable access CSA.


Previously it used to prompt for only password .But now it ask for username and password.


The credentials are not working.


I have even tried to reset the password following the steps at



But no luck.


Finally logged a CA case and changed the Host Name from local host to IP address upon their recommendation. But still


the issue was not resolved.


They have asked us to install the CSA separately on a test server and map the existing DB to it to check if the issue


persist. But prior doing the same I want to check for some more options.


Did anyone faced a similar issue or can suggest what can be done to resolve this issue.


Looking forward to pointers.



Supriya Chakraborty