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Is adding users necessary when integrating LDAP?

Question asked by stephan.burkard on Feb 3, 2017
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I watched yesterday's webcast about LDAP integration. Due to some audio problems and limited time I wasn't able to get an exact answer for my question. 


Let's say I integrate DevTest with the existing LDAP. In the LDAP I create groups that map to the DevTest roles and I put the LDAP users into the corresponding LDAP groups.


With this setup every LDAP user is in the appropriate LDAP group. And every LDAP group is mapped to a DevTest role. And every DevTest role has appropriate DevTest permissions.


So, I do NOT want to give inidividual permissions in DevTest to single users because this would scatter permission definitions in LDAP and DevTest. 


I understood in the webcast that I nevertheless need to add the users (by activating "autoAddUsers" or by creating them). Is this correct? Because with the setup described I actually don't need the users in DevTest. Authentication and authorisation is done on group level. 


Thanks for clarifying