Discussion created by Milos1 on Feb 4, 2017


I have a question for CA, if there will be any progress with "Ideas" section and the Ideas in this section?


I just make a short summary. There are 60 ideas with 30 and more votes. If there will be 5 ideas implemented in each new release, it means 12 releases = 6 years with current CA setup for releases (2 new releases per year) It looks nice and of course, I understand, that not all ideas will be possible to implement in the current solution, due to technical limitations of current solution or overall concept of current solution.


There are Ideas 5 years (maybe older) and still with status „Under review“. Especially in this section, for PPM and Agile. Quite funny and on other hands quite sad. I saw many CA presentations, how is important to make everything Agile and fast transformation from Idea to real product......


I have an Ideas for PPM too, for example SAML2 authentication for XOG client, but I do not know, if I have to create this idea and how long will take to investigate it.


What is the algorithm behind the investigation of Ideas? How and where can I check if the idea will be implemented or not and when?


Regards Milos