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Getting Error when trying to schedule the test in CVS

Question asked by SARTH_GUPTA on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by gajsr01

Hi Team,


I am trying to schedule my GUI Test Cases by using CA Continuous Validation Service (CVS) and I have below open questions.If anyone has tried to run the test in CVS ,please provide inputs:


> Can I schedule test on my local server.In Test Case info .Also I am not getting any option to select Coordinator(I dont know why)

> How can i delete the old deployed test from CVS Monitor.Options are disabled for me.How can i enable them.

> While scheduling some test after 2 mins ,when I logged in to CVS i got the test status as Expired.I could not identify the reason for this.

> My GUI Tests are running successfully in both ITR mode and also if staged to local server.But when I am scheduling them through CVS ,I am getting Driver related error.So need to know if anything is required to be setup(server configurations) before scheduling my tests. 

> I am not getting any mail related to test execution or intimation after providing the mail address while deploying test to CVS Monitor.How can i get notified (if possible)


I am attaching screenshots for each of the points.Please refer to attachment if required.



Sarthak Gupta