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Exchange Monitor (Growth limit)

Question asked by SandroAlves on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by Gene_Howard

Hello friends,


I want an orientation of who uses the option (Growth limit) of probe of exchange_monitor.

My goal is to monitor if an email box has reached 1GB capacity, for example. Because these email boxes are set to endless.


So, I have specified:


Growth limit on each iteration: 500 KB

Iterations of growth before size alarm is issued: 1

Check only mailboxes with size greater than: 1000000 KB


If the email box has a value less than 1000000 KB and is growing, when it reaches 1000000 KB and grows 500KB only once, an alarm will be generated.


NOTE: The alarm is generated and then, if there is no addition, the alarm disappears.


It is?


If so, then if I have email box above 1000000 KB, will not alarm be generated because the email box is already over the limit? Or should it alarm the next growth?


Thank you.