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Run command on unreachable url

Question asked by mikelauritsen on Feb 7, 2017
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I have a process that from time to time stops working (but is still alive). The process is monitored, but as it doesn't die, no alarm is raised. The same process is generating a webpage if everything is working, so when the process stops working, the url stops responding. 

What I want is to use logmon to monitor the url and run a command if the url is unreachable.

I have set up a logmon profile with a watcher rule to run a command, but it seems that the rule never match as the url is unreachable (I have tried with a blank rule, and /^\s*$/ to get a blank response). I get an alarm from the logmon profile, as set up in the "General" tab..


Does anyone know a way to run a command when an url is not responding?

It doesn't need to be done with logmon, but I want to run a command (local file on the machine) and have QoS data to log how often this happens.