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how to limit maximum of load

Question asked by milan.ziga on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by milan.ziga

We have two node 4.2 PAM cluster. We use PAM to create SDM tickets from SC and file trigger for start processing from external system. We tested some stress situations:

- stopped PAM and submitted about 1500 new orders to Service Catalog

- we stopped PAM and put to trigger folder about 3000 files for processing

in both cases after we started PAM again PAM started to process orders in queue or files from trigger folder but PAM always tries to start a lot of processes at once and becomes very slow. PAM processes that are processed in normal situation in a few seconds suddenly last a few minutes or longer or PAM freezes and I have abort these processes from GUI.  Is it possible to force PAM to not start so many processes at once and rather process less load at once but faster?