Workaround for Properties box not showing in Web Screen Painter (SDM/ITSM)

Discussion created by Kyle_R Employee on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Chris_Hackett

Sharing a tip I found when working on a CA ITSM 14.1 lab box, which gets more than its fair share of "uncontrolled changes."




The "Properties" box does not come up in Web Screen Painter after clicking a field.




Make a backup copy, and then delete the original file:

$NXCD\Service Desk Manager\bin\WSP.bin


Then relaunch Web Screen Painter and you should have access to the Properties box again.



How did it get tangled? What does WSP.bin it do? Beats me - didn't look that deeply.

But that's the quick fix to get around it.


Thanks, Kyle_R.