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resource allocation and availability

Question asked by dayananda.venkatesha on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Dave_3.0

Hello every one,

i am seeing one issue in time slices data.

one resource avilablitiy is 7.5 hours/day. when i check the resource availabilty in the resource allocation section it shows 38 hours per week(ideally it should be 37.5). and the resource is allocated 41 hours. In the Over/under allocation portlet, this resource has been displayed as over allocated by 4 for a week(ideally it should be 3.5), also when we see it in monthly slices it shows over allocated by 12 hours/month ie: 162/150.

Please let me know if this is actual behavior of the clarity as to roudning off to next integer(for ex:37.5 to 38 ) or any setting am missing to get the accurate data.


Thanks in advance