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Developer if not invited by Organization Owner and need to acess API

Question asked by Abiram on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Stephen_Hughes

As per Portal 3.5 the definition for Developer is defined as “ user that has been invited to join the API Portal by Organization owner

Rather than if Developer like the API by visiting the API portal should he be initiate the request, why each time organization owner should invite him/her ? seems to be one side defined definition, because as per API is socialized outside organization, then developer should be able to select required API and request for it, which is missing in definition or is that a limitation from Portal 3.5.

Please elaborate in case missing. In case if developer himself initiate for usage of API, he should have the subscription link or process in Portal itself attached, Does CA supports such process information customized in its portal? rather expects that Developer can use API only if he is invited .That's only way ???

As per below link

Developer: Responsible for creating and managing new applications. The Developer is a user that has been invited to join the API Portal by an organization owner (Organization Admin). These users are enrolled under the Organization Administrator's account.