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How to make a request unable to be resolved unless all tasks are completed?

Question asked by Sha_pan on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by jmayer

I am creating a workflow task on a Request Category. 

How can I make the ticket unable to be resolved unless the final task has been completed?

Should it be based on a mandatory tasks? What are these tasks? 


Here's a sample tasks I made on a specific request category. Created a test ticket yet I was able to flip the request ticket into resolved without doing anything on the tasks.


Sequence                     Tasks                                 Group                                       Description

100                           Group Start Task         

200                           Implement                               BNK.LV1.Webhelp                     Maker/Checker - Checker Task

300                           Group End Task


Need your help on this as detailed as possible as I'm new on using CA SDM as Administrator.