#[Fixed Defects] for Feb 10, 2017

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Feb 10, 2017
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DE31401 - QDP: Error Generated When Attempting to Add an Attachment While Scoped to a Project with Only Viewer Access
DE32026 - Chrome 56 update causes custom text fields to overlay other custom fields
DE28604 - Charts give non user friendly 403 message when permissions cause an error
DE31818 - Adding a new Milestone clears the selected date when Add with Details is chosen after selecting a date inline
DE30958 - Creating a Defect from a Story's Test Run no longer pre-fills information when Defect EDP is popped up
DE27520 - User Stories Custom List app is not always populating Parent column if there is a grandchild that is a copy
DE30819 - Field border does not show for any field with controls in the filter bar


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