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Collector Load-balancing

Question asked by Steve_Oak on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Steve_Oak

Over the last several releases I have noticed more of what I would call Collector-based load-balancing. For example when a Collector goes away the other collectors notify the agent of the available collectors:


2/06/17 07:09:06.116 AM EST [INFO] [PO:main Mailman 2] [Manager.LoadBalancer] Allowed collectors list {,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, }@1486382946140 sent to agent mom9plvwbs002|WebSphere|PROD_C_CELL/Service_Server_01A


What I have noticed is that even if I specify that agents should not go to a specific collector and the weight of the collector is set to 0 (others are set and either 1500 or 2000) I am still getting agents on the collector since it is still included in the above list (with no weighting).


I ultimately want to remove the collector from the cluster and want it to not server any new agent metrics and want it to just server history for a period of time before removal. Right now I have set in the loadbalaning.xml:


<agent-collector name="va10p5069x">
            <collector host="VA10P50696" port="5001"/>
            <collector host="" port="5001"/>



And my MoM has



Is there an property in the EM Properties that I can set in the Collector to say not to participate in the collect/agent level communication.


BTW this is a 10.2 cluster and this collector was serving agent and I thought that changing above would take the agent off this server and move then to other collectors in the cluster.


Over the weekend I may shut the server down for an hour so to see when it comes back up if it will go thru the MoM load-balancing and not take any new agents....