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HTTP-POST Binding is not working with SP-Initiated Federation in SiteMinder version 12.52 in IE and Google Chrome

Question asked by Naveen007 on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by justin_leong

Hello All,


I am having an issue with SP-initiated federation when SP using HTTP-POST as there HTTP-BINDING. I found this CA knowledge base document regarding to this issue.


Here is the link: 


According to this KD prior to SiteMinder version 12.52, HTTP-POST will not work with SP-Initiated if they are using HTTP-POST as their HTTP-BINDING and it always be a HTTP-REDIRECT. But from the version of SiteMinder 12.52, CA introduced both HTTP-POST and HTTP-REDIRECT into mix.


My issue is our SP provider is using HTTP-POST as HTTP-BINDING and it is working on Mozilla FireFox and it is not working on Chrome and IE. If SP is using HTTP-REDIRECT as HTTP-BINDING it is working on all three browsers.From IDP side we are allowing both HTTP-REDIRECT and HTTP-POST. I just want to know if anybody is having a similar issue or is there any resolution for this?


Error message from affwebserv.log

[26169/4135487232][Mon Feb 06 2017 20:11:58][][ERROR][sm-FedClient-02380] No SAMLRequest or SPID parameter in request to SAML2 Single Sign-On Service.


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