NodeJS interface for pu.exe

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I recently work on a NodeJS "interface/binding" to communicate with pu.exe. It's not really complete but i'm working to out a first release in few weeks.


GitHub - fraxken/NodeUIM: CA UIM NodeJS interface to work with pu.exe in a full async way. 



Each call to pu take between 350 - 500ms on my system. Not crazy but it's acceptable.  And the parsing only take few MS (very good on this side). 


All request return a promise and the stdout from pu is parsed into a ES6 Map (With Array for PDS_PPDS and normal JavaScript object for PDS_PDS). 


When PDS_PDS is not included into PDS_PPDS it's a ES6 Map.



Pull-request or questions are welcome ! I'm working a first test script to compare code speed / efficiency with the Perl SDK.


On the side i'm working a FFI binding for the C SDK with V8 Engine (C++ JavaScript Engine) for NodeJS. In hopes to being able to provide an official NodeJS SDK to create Nimsoft probe like we do with Perl SDK or Java SDK. 


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