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ACO Movement from one server to another

Question asked by UtxSupport on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by riksa01
We are trying to copy our ACOs from one server to another. 
We are doing this via code using the SmPolicyApi.   We are facing an issue when we try to copy an ACO which already exists on the destination server.   We have tried to modify the values but they are not getting saved post implementation.   We have also tried to rename the existing ACO on the destination server via code but on execution it is not renaming them as well.

Please find below the code snippet for the same:


result = smPolApi_130.getAgentConfig(vectorACO.get(i).toString(), smACO);


smPolApi_206.getAgentConfig(vectorACO.get(i).toString(), smACO_206);


if(result.getFacility()==4){"aco added in 206 policy server and name of aco: "+smACO_206.getName());
log.error("error while modifying aco:"+smACO_206.getName());