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PDM_IF write for "Update Members" button

Question asked by melis.yazici on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Grant Bruneau


I want to put the condition for the "Update Members" button.
I just want the group administrators to do this.
I wrote the following code for detail_cnt.htmpl. But I can not run list_grpmem.hmtpl.
How do I update the Update Members button only for users with manager_flag = 1?

<PDM_IF "$" != "">
<PDM_LIST PREFIX=list1 FACTORY=grpmem where="group = U'$' AND member= U'$'" ESC_STYLE=JS2>
<PDM_IF "$list1.manager_flag" == "1">
//<PDM_MACRO name=button Caption="Edit[d]" Func="detailEdit()" hotkey_name="Edit[d]" ID="btn001">//


<PDM_IF ????>
var rptName = new Array("", "");
var cfgCanEdit = true;
var autoRefreshWindows;
if( window.parent != null &&
typeof window.parent.updateMemOrGroup == "string" &&
typeof window.parent.updateMemOrGroupShowBool == "boolean" && window.parent.updateMemOrGroupShowBool &&
typeof window.parent.updateMemOrGroupButtonLabel == "string" &&
typeof window.parent.updateMemOrGroupMethod == "string" )
autoRefreshWindows = new Object();
cfgExtraButton = new Array(window.parent.updateMemOrGroupButtonLabel, window.parent.updateMemOrGroupMethod);



Thank you for your help
Ozge Ozturk