CA API Gateway 9.2 released

Discussion created by fliaa01 Employee on Feb 15, 2017

On December 22, 2016, CA released version 9.2 of the API Gateway.  This release included several new features and enhancements, including:


Updated 3rd party product support

  • Added CentOS 7 as supported platform for software form factor
  • Virtual Appliance now deployable on ESXi 6
  • Policy Manager now supports Windows 10
  • JDBC Connection assertion enables connections to Oracle 12c
  • Cassandra assertion supports Cassandra 3.x
  • Gateway Azure image now supports Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployments


Technological enhancements for Gateway platform

  • Update FIPS certified crypto library
  • Additional support for TLS 1.2 as a default transport protocol and refreshed list of supported ciphers, to better support modern web browser security requirements


Usability enhancements for the Enterprise Service Manager (ESM)

  • Support for migration of encapsulated assertions
  • Support for migration of Siteminder (CA Single Sign On)


Gateway patching utility enhancements

  • Added user control over how patch files are deleted from the Gateway after installation, including auto-deletion capability
  • Better patch management, including better organization and patch status


Gateway Migration Utility (GMU) enhancements

  • Full support for the migration of solution kits, using the GMU
  • Users are able to migrate out services without dependencies
  • MigrateIn support migration into any folder on the destination Gateway
  • "Ignore" now supported as a default action
  • Ability to list multiple entity types during mapping.


Enhancements to "Manage websockets" task

  • Able to authenticate and authorize Websocket connections using new "connection policy" field
  • New dynamic oubound URL supports context variables from the connection policy
  • Support for websocket compression
  • Adheres to new enhancements to TLS and cipher suite list
  • Improved logging of connections


LDAP Query assertion support for additional use cases

  • Retrieve individual LDAP user by DN, helps to avoid the need for extensive searches
  • Greater search flexibility through support for configurable scope in an LDAP search
  • Better support for empty attributes in an LDAP search result



For a complete list of new functionality and resolved issues, the 9.2 release notes are available at New Features and Enhancements - CA API Gateway - 9.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 


- Aaron