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CA UIM - Configuration

Question asked by Richard_Briceno on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Richard_Briceno

Hi Team, 


I am writing this time to request support with some configuration information for UIM. I am currently doing some labs, to test various functionalities of the tools, and have the following questions:


1. When I deploy the robots on Windows / Unix OS, I get a state Unmanaged (the blue X). I was reading that this could be changed from the UMP but I can not how to do it.



2. When I want to do network monitoring, and I do it for SNMP. It is not clear to me how to relate MIBs. And if you only have to work with the probe SNMP collector, or you also consider the probes: Interface_traffic, snmpget, snmptd.


3. When there are large amounts of network equipment, there is a way to generate a template to do the Discovery of all.


4. There is a way to delete records of devices that have been mistakenly registered in the UMP.



5. To enable the HTTPs in the UMP portal, as this procedure must be performed:  Https://,  But the move to Generate a Public and Private Key Pair, is not very well understood.