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Install Scramble Schema

Question asked by Shriscc on Feb 15, 2017
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We are using Subset for executing in-flight masking for Oracle Database (Oracle Masked Data Pump Option) and need to use the built-in seedlist/HASHLOV function.

The scripts will be built on CA TDM Server and handed over to application team for execution.

We are informed that this execution would need a pre-requisite that the Scramble schema needs to be installed on the local Oracle database.

We have downloaded the Scramble schema setup files and our observation is that we need to update only in below section.


rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
set GT_SYS_USER=system                   --- sysdba credentials for oracle db
set GT_SYS_PASSWORD=manager    --- sysdba password
set GT_TNS=@orcl                                 --- local tns host settings (localhost:port/servicename)
set DB_USER=scramble                        --- do not change
set DB_PASSWORD=Gridt00ls            ---  do not change


Could you please advise if updating above section will suffice in the Scamble.bat file or any other changes required.

Also, please review if the mentioned updates to the variables/parameters is correct.