What approach do people take when tasked with measuring nfs filesystem performance

Discussion created by Garin on Feb 17, 2017

Initially I had assumed that the iostat probe would be the probe to do it but that appears to be restricted to local physical devices. The same appears to be true for the new iostat feature in the cdm probe.


The iostat probe doc explains:


For example, from Linux machine if you execute the following command:

Iostat -d -x 10 2

Two samples will be created in the interval of 10 seconds and the second sample value will be shown as the QoS values in iostat probe.

Which makes sense (if you ignore the typo of the capital I) but is a pretty crude way of going about it. And the iostat command is restricted to local devices.


nfsiostat is an option but the format of the output is not readily usable and would rely on logmon running it.