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Policy is not synchronized within Gateway and Developer Portal

Question asked by patrick.k.chiu on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by patrick.k.chiu

We find that there are policies that should not exist in "Available APIs". (see screenshot 1)


The case is like this:

  1. We migrate the policies from environment A (A) to environment B (B).
  2. We find that some of the APIs should not be migrated to (B), such as "CRM - Temp2Hardware_ERP-ITSM", so that we delete all policies and re-migrate those that are intended to be migrated.
  3. We find that we can still choose the API that have been deleted in "Available APIs" (see screenshot 1).
  4. We double-check the gateway and don't find the API "CRM - Temp2Hardware_ERP-ITSM".
  5. We double-check the APIS section in the Developer Portal and don't find the API "CRM - Temp2Hardware_ERP-ITSM"(see screenshot 2)



screenshot 1

screenshot 2



We would like to know why would this happen and how can we remove the unwanted policies from "Available APIs".


Thank you in advance on your reply!