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How to add SSL Certs for Rest Step in a Test Case ?

Question asked by VirajSingh on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by dineshxkumar

Hi ,


I am on DevTest 10 and i am trying to find the "PRO" in REST step in a test case just like we have on the Web service execution step to setup the SSL certs for HTTPS communication.


I have already updated the file with our credentials :

## Enable a client cert and password for SSL.
## (Used by HTTP Live Invocation Step and Raw SOAP Step Execution -
## also used by Web Service Step Execution if not overridden below)
## ssl.client.cert.path = a full path to the keystore
## ssl.client.cert.pass = password for the keystore (this password will be automatically encrypted when DevTest runs)
## ssl.client.key.pass = optional password for the key entry if using JKS keystore and key has a different password
## from keystore (this password is automatically encrypted when DevTest runs)
## ssl.client.alias = optional alias to use if the keystore has more than one certificate


Verified them in WebServices Step and it works fine.


But when i am running the REST STEP neither it has a PRO feature to put in the SSL certs nor it picks the certs from above property.Checked HTTPS/SSL debug too. Its blank while running REST step.


What is the correct way to configure?