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TSS WHOHAS DATASET(...) doesn't include DATASET(*****)?!

Question asked by BobBridges.real on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by BobBoerum

Last week I discovered that I've been sending our auditors incomplete information since forever.  They want to know, for example, who has update access to SYS1.ENDEVOR.PRODSRCE.  That should be easy:  I run a WHOHAS DATASET(SYS1.ENDEVOR.PRODSRCE), remove all the entries for less-than-ACC(UPD), and then run a REXX Edit macro that expands the listing.  (The expansion shows name and last-used date for each ACID, each member of the profiles listed, and everyone who has XA ACID to anything in the list.  It runs recursively, so it'll dig deeper if required.)  I send them the list, pat myself on the back for being so clever and go back to sleep.


But it turns out that the TSS WHOHAS command doesn't tell me who has DATASET(*****)!  Could that be by design?  And if it is, is it documented anywhere?


I've now updated my WHOHAS shortcut; when I ask about the DATASET class and not DATASET(*****), it adds DATASET(*****) to the listing.  But I have a hard time understanding why it works this way.  Maybe there's a fix for this but it isn't applied at either of my clients?