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CA SAM- Managing License Key Allocation

Question asked by sahilk on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by sorjo01

Hello all,


I wanted to understand how are you people managing the License Key Allocation to users in SAM ?

As per my understanding, CA SAM doesn't provide any such feature to map user with the License Key and Let's say even if we split the Effective Licenses into single -single license record and assign requester against each still how would we do the same for Concurrent User License where 5 License Keys are allocated to let's say 20 users?


As a scenario, let's say we have got 20 License Keys for Abbyy Fine Reader. These are few questions:

  1. Where do we store these License Keys in SAM linked with License?
  2. How do we assign these License Keys to entitled user?
  3. How do we keep track of what keys are in use and what in store?
  4. How do we track User entitled for Concurrent License Usage?
  5. How do we track the User who are entitled to use some particular Softwares?


Kindly share some knowledge on how you are managing Software Allocation in CA SAM?