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Constraining Investment Process & Stages on Ideas

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Robert Ensinger

We're maturing our Demand & Portfolio Management processes. We desire to make a 'hard split' between Ideas and Projects. Ideas being for Demand Management & Project being for Project Management, obviously.


I notice it is possible to restrict the Investment Process and Stage values (typically what us project management types call lifecycles) to an Object. Service is shown below.

On our Ideas today, the INV_PROJECT_TYPE Investment Processes and Stages show:

OOTB (or, our box at least) we don't have Idea Investment Type.

Nor is there a "NEW" button here.


1) Does anyone else have Idea specific Investment Processes & Stages?

If so...

2) Is it as easy as creating a new INV_TYPE (INV_IDEA_TYPE?) level? If so...

3) I'm assuming this can happen via XOG?


I'm playing around with cowboying stuff in my Dev environment, but I'd prefer not to guess at this. Even if I XOG in an update to this lookup - is the Idea Object 'smart enough' to constrain to the INV_IDEA_TYPE Investment Process or does something else undocumented need done?