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Exception Handling - Retry SDM login for SID

Question asked by J_W on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by J_W

PAM 4.3.1 integrated with SDM 14.1.03

CA Process Automation Sample Process Definitions for CA SDM for SDM 14.1 imported.


I am using the sample Exception Handler that comes with the SDM process definitions.  They trap 'System_Error', 'Unidentified_Response', and 'Aborted' exceptions.


I am developing processes that kicks off from SDM tickets, gathers initial ticket and contact information, and then continues to assign tasks to contacts and move forward as needed.  It is expected to take days between completion of tasks, so the initial SDM session id (SID) will timeout after an hour. 


The exception handler was designed to trap this event and automatically login again to get a new SID. This is handled by the 'Unidentified_Response' operator. 


Process.exceptionType = "Unidentified Response"
Process.source = Process.Unidentified_Response.source
if(  Process[Process.source].Reason.indexOf("Service Operation succeeded. Fault returned.") != -1 )
  Process.errorMessage = Process[Process.source].FaultMessage;
  Process.sosfr = true;
  Process.errorMessage = Process[Process.source].Reason
  Process.sosfr = false;



But what I am finding is that this works as designed when the operator has no Post_Execution code to process the web services response. The Reason is 'Service Operation succeeded. Fault returned' and the Fault Message is:  soapenv:Client 1010, which is expected for a bad SID and is returned from the Operation Results.


However, it is not working when there is Post_Execution code. Instead, the error that is trapped is the Aborted type and reported by the System Results and the Reason is usually 'msg.valuemap.unexpected.field.type'  - because the web service call failed and so the assignment fails because the response is empty.  However, when I look at the Operations Results, the Fault Message is still the same 'soapenv:Client 1010'.


The Aborted handler script is:


Process.exceptionType = "Aborted"
Process.source = Process.Aborted.source
Process.errorMessage = Process[Process.source].Reason



It doesn't matter if it is the standard SOAP operator or the SDM Custom Operators.


So, I'm trying to figure out why this is the case that the 'Aborted' is handled instead of the 'Unidentified_Response' when the latter occurs first.  Are all the faults evaluated before the handler picks them up?


If I reset the process and remove the Post_Execution code, then the retry works again, but I see that both  types of exceptions are tripped.



And, of course, there is no error is there is a valid SID.


I seem to remember that there was some special use of the sosfr flag, but that was for creating custom operators and this occurs with the standard SOAP as well.