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Timeout Settings on Operators: How to Verify?

Question asked by fjkaplan on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by fjkaplan

I'm experimenting with the Timeout properties on Operators in PAM.  Specifically, the "Execution Settings" for a test process that uses a single "Run_JavaScript" Operator (see image).


The JavaScript (see image) is very simple.  It just loops around 100,000 times, appending a single "." character to a string.  I figured that'll take enough time to exceed the timeout of two (2) seconds (see image).


Strange thing happens, though, when I run this process.  There's no timeout.  Nothing stops/halts/etc.  The thing just loops until the string is appended, or until I halt the process.


I've tried the "Reset", "Abort", and "Abandon" Actions in the "Timeout" section of the Operator.  All result in nothing happening at all.


My understanding (from the DocOps page) is that, there should be some "timeout branch" that the Operator takes.  Though, the documentation isn't clear about what this means.


Can anyone shed some light on why I'm not seeing this Operator fail after the Timeout expires?