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How to make notification variables?

Question asked by Sha_pan on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Jperezr

I'm creating a notification message template. Notification was requested to notify change group owner of any workflow tasks flipped to Approve or Completed. So the plan is to create a Message Template, and then a Multiple Notification Macro since this was only requested by a specific SDM group on a certain change category. So I will just manually add this Macro on each Approve and Completed Behaviors of that change category.


SDM may have a default notification for workflow tasks updated status but the requester want a different email body and subject format specific for their business needs.

The problem is I'm not sure what notification variable should I use. Below is the format of how the message should look like. Those phrases in parenthesis should be the variables.



      Change Order: (Change order ticket number) (Change Order ticket summary) (Workflow task sequence number)



      This is to notify you and your group that a workflow task in Service Desk has changed status. Please click the       link provided in this email message to connect to Service Desk to check. If you have any questions regarding       this, please contact the [COMPANY] Service Desk.


      Sequence Number: (Workflow task sequence number)

      Task Description: (Workflow task description)

      Old Status: (Workflow task status before it was flipped to approve/completed)

      New Status: (Current workflow task status)


      Click on the following URL to view Workflow Task:

      (Web URL of the Change Order workflow task)



I have attached here a screen shot of what I have made.