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Set Ticket Urgency based on CI Urgency?

Question asked by subbaraomahendrakar.1 on Feb 23, 2017
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we are using CASD14.1.


I want to set Ticket Urgency based on CI Urgency? can any one help


we can set ticket impact based on CI service impact.


In system we set that when user create a new incident system set default impact value as 4.


We have a service impact value which is inbuilt field by ca under service tab of CI detail page.

When we set this Service impact value as 1 for any enterprise family CI lets say for example TESTCI.

And when user raise a new incident with the default value of impact field on detail incident page is set to 4 and when enduser select TestCI under 'Affected service' field then the impact value will get changes to the service impact value ie., impact field value on incident page change from 4 to 1 and accordingly based on priority matrix the priority will get assigned.

Similary to above functionality can we do a customization on Urgency. I.e, Is there way by creating custom urgency field on Service tab of CI detail page and set a value for example 1 for the CI and when user select the CI whose custom urgency filed of CI is set 1 under affected service field of incident field accordingly the urgency value of incident ticket need to change and calculate priority.


Any one have any idea how we can attach the functionality.


Thank you.