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Only the project owner can open the project

Question asked by buboy on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by buboy

Hi! Our team is new to CA PPM.  After a brief training, brainstorming on the system we are now on the configuration.  There's a lot to ask but will have it concise as possible:

1.  How will i disable all the projects that are being listed in Home>Portfolio Management>Projects who is not the owner of the project? Disable in a sense that other PM's will not be able to open the project but can only be seen in the List.  I am assuming that a collaboration manager can open the project as long as the project owner tag someone as the collaborator.

2.  How can i tag or include a collaboration manager from collaboration folder under Project?


Caveat:  Learning Level - 1

              DB - MSSQL 2012

              Version:  CA PPM v14.4