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What to install for thales nshield connect

Question asked by DimitriDemeer82305080 on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by DimitriDemeer82305080

Hello, does anyone have experience with the Thales nshield connect HSM.
We can install the following components, but i could not find documentation on the minimal required components for the CA API gateway 9.2:


This is Security World Software for nShield, version 12.10.00

This installer contains the following software:


hwsp   agg   - nShield Hardware Support (mandatory)       2.85.4cam1

ctls   agg   - nShield Core Tools (recommended)           2.85.4cam6

dsserv user  - nShield Remote Administration Service      0.21.1cam3

hwcrhk user  - Crypto Hardware Interface (CHIL) plugin    1.33.1cam5

hwcrhk gnupg - CHIL patch for The GNU Privacy Guard       1.33.1cam5

javasp agg   - nShield Java Support (including KeySafe)   2.85.4cam7

jcecsp user  - nCipherKM JCA/JCE provider classes         1.42.1cam7

ncsnmp user  - nShield SNMP monitoring agent              0.36.1cam5

nhfw   agg   - nShield Connect firmware files             2.85.4cam8

pkcs11 user  - nShield PKCS#11 provider                   2.19.1cam9

ratls  agg   - nShield Remote Administration Client Tools 2.85.4cam1