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How do people manage maintenace items in Rally?

Question asked by RobRooney1362410 on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by William Kammersell

We are using CA Agile (I still call it Rally) to manage project work as well as maintenance items (keeping the lights on).  We have three development teams all working on different initiatives as well as taking a maintenance bug or fix as they have capacity. 

Prioritizing of the maintenance bugs/fixes, etc. is done outside of the teams by other stakeholders.  We actually have a "maintenance" project team in Rally to house all of these items.  We just don't have any development being done with that - its just a holding place to store and prioritize the work.  As the team(s) have capacity they go pull that work and move it to their team.

Problem is - when that work is pulled we don't re-parent it and as it moves around the team's backlog based on their internal priority it messes up the view for the stakeholders that are looking at the maintenance items.


How do other people use Rally to track maintenance items?  Anyone got something they like?