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How do I include HTML with Rally App Builder

Question asked by Matt_Vanecek on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by morky01

In the Rally App Builder, config.json allows me to include a JavaScript file (or multiple) with the App defined in it, and a CSS file with the styles. Running "rally-app-builder build" regenerated all the App*.html files. How can I include a file of HTML that would be placed in the <body> tags in the App*.html files? Since those get wiped every build, I'd have to paste in the HTML after every build. I've tried this, but the config.json file doesn't seem to be documented in the SDK 2.1 documents:


{     "name": "Sprint Report",     "className": "SprintReportApp",     "server": "",     "sdk": "2.1",     "javascript": [         "SprintReport.js"     ],     "css": [         "SprintReport.css"     ],     "html": [         "SprintReport.html"     ] }